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About the remote Enrollment Specialist career

 This role is designed for a motivated individual who is eager to embark on a journey of professional growth and success. As an Enrollment Specialist, you will have the unique chance to learn our business inside out, mirroring the path that all our esteemed executive leaders have taken. This position serves as a stepping stone to various executive leadership roles within our organization, offering you the chance to carve out an impressive career trajectory.

Your focus will revolve around three pivotal areas:

  • Developing Strong Communication Skills: Effective communication is at the core of leadership. You'll refine your ability to convey ideas, collaborate with diverse teams, and connect with clients.

  • Leadership Development with Opportunity for Advancement: Our commitment to nurturing your leadership potential is unwavering. We provide a structured framework for your growth, ensuring you're prepared to take on leadership roles as they arise.

  • Developing Strong Inside and Outside Sales Skills: In the dynamic world of insurance, sales skills are paramount. You'll master the art of sales, both within our organization and when engaging with external clients.

At The Weatherspoon Agency, we're different. We recognize that anyone who is coachable possesses an untapped potential. Instead of merely valuing textbook knowledge, we believe in shaping individuals into accomplished professionals by instilling the skills necessary for the business arena. Not only will you be honing your skills, but you'll also be earning a substantial income along the way.

You would start by being coached and guided through our hands-on training process. That first step is in our remote Enrollment Specialist role (just like all of us upper level directors started from). In this role you will learn the ins and outs of the company, our products and how to apply them to help protect our clients financial security through life insurance. 

At its core, this entry level position is an inside insurance sales position and the direct leads are provided by the company at no cost to you. The leads we utilize are recent direct personal requests generated through our network of over 40,000 organizations nationwide. We specialize in providing supplemental group benefits and family life insurance benefits as the only 100% union, credit union and association based insurer in the country. There is a very small amount of inbound calls, mostly outbound calls, texts and emails. Again this to families or individuals that are part of an organization and that made the request to contact the

As you master this skill level, along with us providing ongoing coaching and continuous training you work through the field into advanced management. 

If this resonates with your aspirations, I'd love to connect with you and delve deeper into the exciting opportunities that await you at The Weatherspoon Agency. Let's explore how our vision aligns with your goals, paving the way for a prosperous future.